Academic Programme

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Section 1
Narrating the Edges of Humanity: Conceptions of Posthumanism in Anglophone Fiction

Section Organisers
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Roman Bartosch (Köln)
Dr. Julia Hoydis (Köln)

Section 2
Rethinking Confinement: Captive Bodies Beyond Foucauldian Theory

Section Organisers
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Cornelia Wächter (Bochum)
Dr. Marcus Hartner (Bielefeld)

Section 3
Varieties Meet Histories

Section Organisers
Apl. Prof. Dr. Ilse Wischer (Potsdam)
Dr. Daniela Kolbe-Hanna (Trier)

Section 4
Victorian Surfaces: Skin, Silk, and Show in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture

Section Organisers
Prof. Dr. Sibylle Baumbach (Innsbruck)
Dr. des. Ariane de Waal (Innsbruck)
Ass.-Prof. Dr. Ulla Ratheiser (Innsbruck)

Section 5
What Form Knows: The Literary Text as Framework, Model, and Experiment

Section Organisers
Dr. Natalie Roxburgh (Siegen)
Dr. Irmtraud Huber (Bern)
Dr. Wolfgang Funk (Mainz)